33" Spectator Stool

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This height is taller than a bar stool so that you can see a stage performance over peoples heads a bit easier. also great for people that are vertically challenged that want a bit more stature without sitting on an old phone book, and with a larger wood seat top this size is also great as a place to support projects like painting wood, sculptures, or a great place to set a toolbox where everything is in reach but not on the table your working on.

Made from lightweight cypress, heavy red oak, or super stout 2x4 pine wood
They can be stained and finished for indoors or outdoors, and upholstered in a variety of materials and colors to match your need. They also accompany Gaming Thrones very well for the pop in client or boss or gaming buddies that you attract when you are in your Throne.

Dimensions: 14" To top of first step, 7.5" to top of second step, and 11" to bottom of seat. Seat thickness may vary. (Especially if upholstered.)

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