A good place to sit is sometimes difficult to find, and stools are common and in great supply, found at every bar around the world. We all have sat on them: 4 legs with two levels of small spokes to rest your feet, that are nice for the first 2 minutes, but quickly become uncomfortable after that.

My Talented sons and I decided to redesign the basic stool when we found the need for a shop stool to sit on while doing projects in the garage like painting, sanding, engraving or routing that would not be quick standing tasks. Lets face it, I'm getting old and my back really hurts so I like to sit down to work on detailed things. We started with a 24" tall stool with 3 legs, but I wanted a much bigger step so you could comfortably rest the ball of your foot, even out on the corners, very comfortably.


We set out to design a strong joint which we call a MiterLock that would provide great fit and strength in 5 different stress directions. I needed it to be able to be shaped on a router with accuracy and precision. The goal was to tightly fit them together and give more surface area for glue to keep the legs nice and strong. The wood I like to use is lightweight cypress, heavy and strong red oak, and super stout 2x4 pine wood. They can be stained and finished for indoor or outdoor use, and upholstered in a variety of materials and colors to match your need.


We also decided to make a plethora of sizes that will fit a much wider range of use and body length. So we start with a 15" footstool and go up to a 36" tall stool. The 36" tall stool is inspired by the seat of camera operators and works great as such.






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