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Located in Slidell, Louisiana, the Fairburn family is a passionate family of Makers working together as a team to create a unique piece of furniture for others to enjoy. We strive to enhance the experience of using your electronics to its fullest potential by utilizing ergonomic designs, advanced building materials, genuine craftsmanship, and years of experience behind every assembly.
  • In family since: 2005
  • Maker skills: Lego, sewing, magnifying lens burning art, engraving.
  • Favorite Programs: Inkscape, TinkerCAD
  • Favorite videogames: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Minecraft, DCUO
  • Favorite place to learn: Khan Academy
  • OS preference/console: Windows/Xbox
  • Favorite books of the Bible: Matthew, Proverbs
  • Superpower: Movie quotes
  • Favorite movie(s): Star Wars 1-6, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, The Dark Knight trilogy
  • In family since: 2003
  • Maker skills: Cooking, Drawing, Sewing.
  • Favorite Programs: Google Chrome, Pinterest, Youtube, Pandora
  • Favorite videogames: Minrcraft
  • Favorite place to learn: Youtube
  • OS preference/console: ChromeOS
  • Favorite books of the Bible: Esther, Hebrews
  • Superpower: Likability, Baking cookies
  • Favorite movie(s): The Chronicles of Narnia series, Cinderella (2015)
  • In family since: 2001
  • Maker skills: Design, burning designs in wood, turning wood, etching, origami
  • Favorite Programs: Steam, Blender, Fusion 360, Popcorntime
  • Favorite videogames: Puzzle Forge 2, Trove, Minecraft, Hawken, Unturned
  • Favorite place to learn: Bible, Khan Academy
  • OS preference/console: Windows
  • Favorite books of the Bible: Revelation, Proverbs
  • Superpower: Persistence, hunger for knowledge
  • Favorite movie(s): Star Wars Episode 1-6, The Hobbit Trilogy, Courageous
  • In family since: 1998
  • Maker skills: woodturning, sewing, and wood working.
  • Favorite Programs: the internet, steam, popcorn time.
  • Favorite videogames: saints row 4, infinity blade 3, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Halo 4
  • Favorite place to learn: YouTube, the Bible, and other books.
  • OS preference/console: Mac OS, XBox.
  • Favorite books of the Bible: Matthew, Proverbs, 1-2 Samuel, 1-2 Kings, and James.
  • Superpower: Learning.
  • Favorite movie(s):  The Hobbit Trilogy , Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocky 1-4 and balboa, The Amazing Spiderman 2.
  • In family since: 1996
  • Maker skills: Graphic Design, duct tape art, Animation, frontend web development.
  • Favorite Programs: Fusion360, Blender, Adobe After Effects, Gimp, Brackets
  • Favorite videogames: Trove, Battlefield 3, Loadout, Portal 2
  • Favorite place to learn: Youtube
  • OS preference/console: Windows, Android, Ubuntu, Cyanogen
  • Favorite books of the Bible: Jude, 1 Chronicles
  • Superpower: Common sense
  • Favorite movie(s): The Hobbit Trilogy, Kingsman: The Secret Service, The Matrix trilogy
  • In family since: 1991
  • Maker skills: Music, sewing, homemaking, sign language.
  • Favorite Programs: Facebook, Amazon,
  • Favorite videogames: Words with Friends, Trivia Crack
  • Favorite place to learn: YouTube, library
  • OS preference/console: Windows, Android
  • Favorite books of the Bible:  Psalms
  • Superpower: I'm a praying Mom!
  • Favorite movie(s): Princess Bride, Cinderella,
  • In family since: 1991
  • Maker skills: Woodworking, photography, 3D, design
  • Favorite Programs: Fusion 360, Blender, Google Chrome
  • Favorite videogames: Missile command, Asteroids
  • Favorite place to learn: YouTube, Google
  • OS preference/console: Windows, Mac OS, Android
  • Favorite books of the Bible: 2 Timothy 3:16
  • Superpower: Idea factory, teaching
  • Favorite movie(s): The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies


      In the fall of 2013, the Gaming Throne concept was inspired from a Father's love for his son. Sean Fairburn, an Emmy award winning cinematographer and innovator, was working with his teenage son, Caleb, while designing the now patented 3D Mutiplates, utility tools for mounting cameras and monitors.
      Sean noticed that after prolonged hours of work, Caleb would become extremely uncomfortable, and inefficient while sitting at his desk. He would constantly need to stretch his neck, back, arms and hands just to get comfortable and re-focus on the task. What Caleb needed, was a working environment that was comfortable enough for long term support.
      Sean didn't want to see Caleb suffer at the computer, so he put the Multiplate project on hold, and redirected their work to making Caleb more comfortable in everything he did. As a team, they began to research and design a new creative environment that would be better for both Sean and Caleb to work in together, and the Gaming Throne was born. Solving many of the problems we face sitting at a desk and chair, Gaming Thrones are collaboration furniture unlike anything else.

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