Maker's Apron

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Custom made aprons serve up tough touch-worthy materials, all our favorite features, and high quality American workmanship. Good looking and dependable, just like you.
Handmade by Sean Fairburn, CEO of Gaming Throne, in Slidell, Louisiana, this apron represents true American craftsmanship and innovation. This Maker's Apron is made from a military grade tent canvas, and/or other materials such as UltraLeather, and lined with a waterproof airbag fabric for extreme toughness and puncture resistance. It features sturdy nylon shoulder straps which cross in the back to take weight off the neck, run through grommets and clip at your waist. Standard and custom front pocket styles available to suit your needs.
Split pockets or single hoodie style pocket in the front is wide enough to fit a variety of tools. Made to endure the rigors of the shop environment, and with just the right amount of features.

H-harness sewn in as shoulder straps provide exceptional strength and functionality with the added benefit of accessorizing your work protection gear. This Maker's Apron looks and feels like body armor, ready to protect you and your clothing against anything from sawdust to dragon's breath.

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