Elevate Your Game


I'm Sean Fairburn, designer and MAKER of Gaming Throne. My kids are the inspiration for this very specialized unique piece of furniture. I thank the Lord for the inspiration and motivation they provide me daily.

Most of us spend the majority of the day interfacing with computers and mobile phones with a traditional desk and chair. Unfortunately, these environments were not designed with user comfort and efficiency with electronics in mind.

Gaming Thrones are designed to be a supportive extension of the user's body as it relates to electronic peripherals and monitors. Your personal command center, where comfort and control are imperative for long hours engaging with electronics.

Verbal and non verbal communication, differences in sitting and standing relationships offer challenging and often uncomfortable close in, long-term working environments. The Gaming Throne creates a unique collaboration space, a central location where creative ideas and people can gravitate to, where the value of the user is elevated and held in high regard. The collaboration performed from Gaming Thrones will be epic!
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